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  2. Great idea!!! I would buy one of these, but then, I also want a whole package for myself


    Turning the product into a brand challenge. 

    Milka’s lastest campaign takes away a part of the chocolate bar in order to challenge people to be tender. They can either claim it back or send it on to someone. 

    This was submitted to the blog by a reader but in full disclosure; I and my creative partner worked on this campaign and it took us and the team over at BUZZMAN a year to make, to change the entire manufacturing process, convince the client and get the product to the shelves. It was fantastic to see someone liked it enough to submit it as a post, I and everyone at BUZZMAN hope you enjoy and if you’re in France - get giving ;) 


  3. Who’s the best member of Kings of Leon?
    I love this nonsense video

  4. SuperSoaker - Kings of Leon

  5. Unforgettable may be too much…

    Remember Sunday is kind of like 50 first dates, but with less comedy and more sentiment. It’s about…

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  6. Now you may see me…

    It looks like Now you see me…is this summer’s blockbuster, but is it really worth it? It certainly…

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  7. A long time ago, we used to be friends

    More videos from the San Diego Comic-Con.

    Veronica Mars’ fans got to watch a special sneak peak of the so long waited for movie they got to found (via Kickstarter). They still have a couple of days to shot the last scenes of the movie, but they managed to…

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  8. Sherlock season 3 is coming

    So, neither Benedict nor Freeman could hang out with their fans at comic-con this year, but if like me, you’re nowhere near San Diego you don’t really care. Luckily them both got to film a rather funny short message for us. Pay special attention to…

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  9. Syrup: Just Image

    As someone with a degree in advertising and PR, I tend to watch every film or tv series about the…

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  11. X-Men: Fisrt Class: just another action film

    I’ve never been a fan of superheroes movies, or comic book based films, but with Fassbender and…

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  12. helloyoucreatives:

    Everything we know about Sweden.